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Tray Formers

200 Series

The IPak 200 Series of automatic tray formers are capable of forming a wide range of tray sizes, including regular slotted trays in various configurations. This includes a full range of four-corner glued trays, one and two piece telescoping trays, and variations of triangulated corner and self-locking trays.  The trays formed are suitable for most any applications including agricultural, food processing and distribution. The 200 series machines will continuously operate at speeds of up to 40 trays per minute, depending on selected model and related options.  Size changes are performed in less than 10 minutes.


Various options are available to ensure your TF-200 series machine is customized to your industry, tray specification, or production line requirements. Advanced machine programming and diagnostics are available in multiple configurations.

200 Series Standard Features TF-200Q TF-200TQ TF-260A
S-Drive - servo driven blank advance & mandrel IPak Checkmark IPak Checkmark
'Quick Change' - color coded for fast size & style changeover IPak Checkmark IPak Checkmark IPak Checkmark
Vacuum system - Venturi style, independently controlled & self cleaning IPak Checkmark IPak Checkmark IPak Checkmark
HMI - 8-inch color touchscreen - intuitive machine functions IPak Checkmark
Fully interlocked safety guarding IPak Checkmark IPak Checkmark
Outfeed remote demand sensor IPak Checkmark IPak Checkmark IPak Checkmark
Machine speed up to 40 tpm up to 32 tpm up to 27 tpm
Changeover time (same style, different size) 5-10 mins 15 mins 10 mins
Display flaps - rollover for product display Available Available Available
Dual head forming Available Available Available
IPak Pro Mach, Inc.


TF-200T Fully Automatic Tray Former
TF-200Q S-Series Automatic Tray Former
TF-200DQ Fully Automatic Tray Former
TF-200Q Fully Automatic Tray Former
TF-260A Fully Automatic Tray Former

Tray Styles Formed

4 Corner Rollover Sidewall with Lid
4 Corner Rollover Sidewall with Lid
4 Corner Full Open Front with Rollover
4 Corner Full Open Front with Rollover
6 Corner Shoe Box Style
6 Corner Shoe Box Style
4 Corner Tray with Rollover Sidewall
4 Corner Tray with Rollover Sidewall
4 Corner Full Overlap Lid Tray
4 Corner Full Overlap Lid Tray
6 Corner Tray
6 Corner Tray
Corner Post Tray for Bottles
Corner Post Tray for Bottles
Produce (Mushroom) Tray
Produce (Mushroom) Tray
4 Corner Tray with Angled Corners
4 Corner Tray with Angled Corners
4 Corner Tapered Tray with Lid
4 Corner Tapered Tray with Lid
Self Lock Trays
Self Lock Trays
4 Corner Tray with Lid
4 Corner Tray with Lid
4 Corner Tray Large
4 Corner Tray Large
Corner Post Tray for Snack Food
Corner Post Tray for Snack Food
MUB Style with Triangulated Corners
MUB Style with Triangulated Corners



Summary of Trays Formed by Machine TF-200Q TF-200TQ TF-260A
All styles of 4-corner trays Available Available  
4-corner self-locking trays      
Multiple styles of triangulated corner retail ready trays   Available  
6-corner trays     Available

Features & Specs

TF-200 Automatic Tray Former Features & Specs

Standard Features:

  • Easy load hopper
  • Corrosion resistant construction
  • Integrated safety guarding
  • Two E-stop push button stations
  • Remote demand sensor
  • Nordson ProBlue glue systems
  • All controls 24 Volts DC - optional voltage configurations
  • UL listed Nema 12 control panel & enclosure
  • Manuals - detailed operation & service information


  • Air: typical 1.0 cubic feet per cycle at 90 p.s.i.
  • Allen Bradley PLC operated sequence and timing control
  • Electrical: 460/480 Volts AC, 3 phase, 60 Hz
  • Machine footprint: multiple frame configurations
  • Machine weight: 2800 lbs. (1270 kg) - subject to customer specifications


IPak Quick Changeover

FEATURED: Quick Change Option


Reduces adjustment time of machine settings with quick release mandrels, digital readouts, and handy stops, scribes and scales. The color-coded, step-by-step instructions make this option ideal on lines where tray size changes take place.

In addition to the below list of options, contact your IPak Machinery representative to view a detailed list of all available IPak Machinery options.

  • Additional forming mandrels or change parts
  • Advance machine diagnostics
  • Blank feed magazine - for additional blank capacity
  • Casters - heavy duty with floor locks
  • Category 3 Safety Circuits
  • Conveyors - both infeed or outfeed options
  • Custom electrics options
  • Forklift guidance tubes for manoeuvring and lifting machine
  • Machine monitoring system with tri-stack light & audible alarm
  • Multiple speeds programming
  • Nordson glue system upgrades
  • Spare parts kit
  • Stainless steel options - reviewed upon request